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Product VS Service

January 27, 2015

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Many companies specialize in either a product, or a service but here at Maxx Metals we do BOTH. While we do sell a product, we are known for our service.  Our customers know we are here to help whether it’s a RUSH order, a just in time delivery or a simple fabrication.  And if we can’t do it, chances are we know somebody who can.  The best part is we even stock Pre-Galvanized Steel so when you need it, it’s immediately ready for pick up or delivery. Maxx Metals is at your service.

Why You Need Hot Rolled Steel

January 28, 2013

In our earlier blog “Why You Need Cold Rolled Steel”, we gave you a good overview of how our clients utilize our high quality cold rolled steel. This time around, it is hot rolled steels turn.

With hot rolled steel, the difference is of course the temperate during rolling. Hot rolling happens when the steel, usually in large slabs, blooms, or billets, is above the recrystallization temperature. The steel must be at a certain temperature, 90-180° F, in order to be hot rolled. Some of the things that set hot rolled steel apart include:

  • Finishing tolerances looser than cold rolled
  • Almost ½ the price of cold rolled
  • Less deformation induced residual stresses, unless cooling is non-uniformed
  • More monitoring to guarantee the proper temperature
  • Better for blacksmithing

In general, we find that customers in the building and construction industries will go with hot rolled because of price and because they do not demand as exacting tolerance for things like sheet metal and simple cross sections. Because of these reasons, hot rolled steel finds its way into a wide variety of projects, both big and small.

If you want to find out which type of steel is right for you, check out both of our blogs or better yet, contact a rolled steel expert today at MAXX Metals. Remember, we’ll never sell you something that isn’t perfect for your needs.


Getting Closer to the Opening: The 49ers Stadium

November 13, 2012

Time is moving along and the new $1.2 billion 49ers’ Santa Clara Stadium is getting closer to completion every day! We have been following this project closely because as each day passes, more and more of our products are ending up at the worksite! As we near the 2014 opening date, we will continue to update you on the stadium’s progress. Here are the latest highlights:

  • If you want to catch up on the progress of the stadium, you can watch a live feed of the construction as it happens. If you go there right now, odds are you will get a great look at some of our steel!
  • Along with South Florida, the 49ers are a finalist in the race to land Super Bowl L in 2016.  It’s a big deal, not only because it’s the Super Bowl, but also because it is the historic 50th edition of the big game. Not to worry though, if they miss 2016, they will automatically become a finalist for 2017. Either way it is an incredible honor for a brand new stadium.

Please keep checking in with the MAXX Metals’ blog for more updates — and start buying your tickets now since we are sure they will go fast!

Another Month, Another Hospital

November 5, 2012

Here we go again! The hospital building boom just keeps rolling along on in the Bay Area.  We’ve certainly blogged about this before, but each month brings the groundbreaking of another massive project!

Sutter Health’s new Palo Alto Medical Foundation addition in San Carlos is the latest project to take advantage of MAXX Metals’ steel.  The exciting new project revolves around the construction of a new 192,000-square-foot outpatient and medical office complex. This latest project broke ground in June and according to Sutter Health, the four-story complex will house 75 doctors, an urgent care center, and an outpatient clinic, along with 800 staffers. On top of all of these new facilities, the San Carlos project also includes a 1,155-space parking structure.  As with any undertaking of this size, there have been a few delays, but they are planning to complete the $210 million project by mid-2014.

MAXX Metals is extremely proud to be a part of this amazing renaissance. We are not only thrilled about all the extra business, but also the strengthening of our community’s health care infrastructure.  The San Carlos project is actually just a down the block from us, so it holds a special place in our hearts.  As we’ve made clear before, we live in and around the Bay Area, so we benefit greatly from having such innovative and world-class medical facilities in our back yards.

Keep checking back, because we have a feeling this building boom might just keep rolling on.

Why You Need Cold Rolled Steel

October 29, 2012

Sometimes there are materials and products that go in and out of style. At MAXX Metals, we try to keep up with what our customers want and need, but we also know that it is not a perfect science. For that reason, we try to keep a wide variety of metals in stock at all times, so our customers never have to wait too long for their materials.

Over the past few years, we had been seeing less demand for our cold roll steel products. However, thanks to the recent construction boom in the Bay Area, orders are starting to flow in. Luckily, because we have actively kept up our stock, customers are now able to get their orders filled in a timely fashion. So why is cold rolled steel such a hot item? First, let’s get an idea of what it is and why people use it.

For the uninitiated, defines the rolling of steel as “the process of shaping metal by passing it between rolls revolving at the same peripheral speed and in opposite directions.” If the temperature of the metal is below its recrystallization temperature then you are cold rolling the steel.

Cold roll steel has a number of benefits including increased strength, improved surface finish, and the ability to hold tighter tolerances. It comes in sheets, strips, bars, and rods and is often smaller than hot rolled steel. All of this makes it quite popular with those in the modern construction industry. One of the drawbacks to such a high level of quality can be the price. Often cold rolled steel is twice as costly as hot rolled. We understand that everyone needs to keep their cost down and their profits up, so our cold rolled steel is not only the highest quality, but also our prices are ultra competitive.

If you’re looking for outstanding and cost-effective cold rolled steel, please contact an expert at MAXX Metals today.


Bay Bridge and MAXX Metals

October 18, 2012

We have detailed the recent boom in all different types of construction here in the Bay Area. From stadiums to hospitals to homes, the last few years have been busy, despite tough economic times. One major project in our area that we haven’t discussed is the replacement of the eastern span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Originally built in 1936, the Bay Bridge carries about 270,000 vehicles per day and is one of the longest spans in the world.  Unfortunately, it suffered major damage in the tragic 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake (the one that interrupted the World Series), and even after repairs, was in need of seismic upgrading.

After more than a decade of study and discussion, replacement of the eastern span began in 2002. Despite a miasma of budget problems, both state and local, and any number of design difficulties, the new Bay Bridge will finally be completed Labor Day 2013, with a final price tag of $6.416 billion. The entire project is actually revolutionary in its design, the signature element being that it is the world’s largest Self-Anchored Suspension Span (SAS).

At MAXX Metals, we are proud to have provided steel to the contractors who are working on the building of this innovative project. Despite claims to the contrary, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission says that approximately 76% of the steel used in the new Bay Bridge span was made in the United States.  Like most Bay Area residents, we are really looking forward to the competition of this complex and ultimately rewarding decade-long project.

Working in the South Bay: Home of 3.6 Million Sq. Ft. of New Construction

September 12, 2012

Lately we’ve been seeing quite a lot of activity south of us as San Jose has become a bustling hub of new construction. Helping to keep us busy, these projects (all in varying stages) have also all contributed to making the South Bay the strongest job market in the U.S. right now. Construction jobs in this area alone have increased 15% in 12 months.

To get a glimpse into what’s new and underway in San Jose, you can check out this slideshow of the top 5 projects (ranked by square footage); one of which we mentioned in a recent blog (link, when available): the BART Silicon Valley Berryessa Extension. The remaining 4 of the 5 are residential, adding to the hundreds of thousands of new homes expected in San Jose this fall.  Below are a few details on these expansive projects.

  1. Mosaic: 400,000 sq. ft. of new, luxury apartments in Silicon Valley
  2. Misora: Another luxury, rental community at Santana Row to open Fall 2013
  3. BART Extension: 568,000 sq. ft. to be added by 2018
  4. Evergreen Place: 87 single family homes and 16 large town homes
  5. Crescent Village Apartment Homes: 1.6 million sq. ft. complex with 1,750 units

With our birth and success in an economic downturn, our already-optimistic attitudes are increasing as we experience first-hand this boom in the Bay Area.

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