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The Difficulties of Building In the Bay Area

June 20, 2012

Building in the Bay Area isn’t easy. Our customers face challenges that most others across the world do not. To begin with, California and San Francisco each have five major codes you need meet (building, electrical, energy, plumbing, mechanical). Within each of these, many other smaller but equally important rules and regulations exist that must be followed to keep projects up to code. The state of California alone has four subsections for the rules governing patio covers. It is a lot of paper work, filling fees, and constant inspections to deal with.

Of course, no one thinks of California and the Bay Area without thinking of earthquakes. We’ve had some very powerful and deadly ones over the years, and being a part of this community involves being prepared for the next big one. So, on top of hundreds of complex building rules to follow, most of our customers also have to add an entire layer of seismic codes to their list of things to do. All of this is especially true when it comes to our area hospitals. If you’ve been following the blog, you might have noticed that a lot of our steel has been going to the building and renovating of hospitals. This is because of 1996’s California Senate Bill (SB) 1953 and before that the Alquist Act (1973). Both of these pieces of legislation were passed to ensure that acute care hospitals remain functional after a major earthquake. And it just so happens that all of this work needs to be completed or started by 2013, or that facility will be shut down.

With all this in mind, everyone at Maxx Metals has been working overtime to make sure our customers have all the galvanized, stainless, cold rolled, carbon, and aluminum steel they need to get their projects done before the deadline passes.

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