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Rapid Transit and Steel

September 5, 2012

Did you know that in the 1st quarter of 2012, nearly 2.7 billion rides were taken on U.S. public transit? And, our very own Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) is actually the 5th largest American transit authority in terms of ridership and is still experiencing growth in the number of rides on its bus and rail lines throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. In part to keep up with record ridership, BART has been undergoing expansions and improvements with projects such as new routes, retrofits, station improvements, and modern rail cars.

The new structures especially call for loads of mechanical, construction, electrical and plumbing labor, and… steel! Since the beginning of BART back in the 1960s, when dozens of steel and concrete sections were constructed, steel has been an integral supply in the expansion of the transit system.

Here are a couple of additions you can expect to see, if you haven’t noticed their groundwork already:

  • A New Connectorreportedly on time and budget and opening in 2014

Taking riders between Oakland Airport and BART, this 3.2-mile route called for new structure and columns, among other things. The route is expected to provide easy access from the airport to San Francisco and in doing so, boost travel into Oakland. You can see photos of the infrastructure and steel trestles here.

  • A New Station93% complete and expected in late 2015

The subway sections have been completed for the extension to Warm Springs/South Fremont (WSX). Now work is being done in the park at Lake Elizabeth and on construction of the station.

  • A New SystemBerryessa Station to connect to San Jose and Santa Clara in 2018

A series of improvements that will improve various aspects of BART and specifically allow for public transit farther south into Silicon Valley.

At MAXX Metals, given our love for innovation, we’re excited to see and to have been a part of increasing and improving access in the Bay Area.

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