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Why You Need Cold Rolled Steel

October 29, 2012

Sometimes there are materials and products that go in and out of style. At MAXX Metals, we try to keep up with what our customers want and need, but we also know that it is not a perfect science. For that reason, we try to keep a wide variety of metals in stock at all times, so our customers never have to wait too long for their materials.

Over the past few years, we had been seeing less demand for our cold roll steel products. However, thanks to the recent construction boom in the Bay Area, orders are starting to flow in. Luckily, because we have actively kept up our stock, customers are now able to get their orders filled in a timely fashion. So why is cold rolled steel such a hot item? First, let’s get an idea of what it is and why people use it.

For the uninitiated, defines the rolling of steel as “the process of shaping metal by passing it between rolls revolving at the same peripheral speed and in opposite directions.” If the temperature of the metal is below its recrystallization temperature then you are cold rolling the steel.

Cold roll steel has a number of benefits including increased strength, improved surface finish, and the ability to hold tighter tolerances. It comes in sheets, strips, bars, and rods and is often smaller than hot rolled steel. All of this makes it quite popular with those in the modern construction industry. One of the drawbacks to such a high level of quality can be the price. Often cold rolled steel is twice as costly as hot rolled. We understand that everyone needs to keep their cost down and their profits up, so our cold rolled steel is not only the highest quality, but also our prices are ultra competitive.

If you’re looking for outstanding and cost-effective cold rolled steel, please contact an expert at MAXX Metals today.


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