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Another Month, Another Hospital

November 5, 2012

Here we go again! The hospital building boom just keeps rolling along on in the Bay Area.  We’ve certainly blogged about this before, but each month brings the groundbreaking of another massive project!

Sutter Health’s new Palo Alto Medical Foundation addition in San Carlos is the latest project to take advantage of MAXX Metals’ steel.  The exciting new project revolves around the construction of a new 192,000-square-foot outpatient and medical office complex. This latest project broke ground in June and according to Sutter Health, the four-story complex will house 75 doctors, an urgent care center, and an outpatient clinic, along with 800 staffers. On top of all of these new facilities, the San Carlos project also includes a 1,155-space parking structure.  As with any undertaking of this size, there have been a few delays, but they are planning to complete the $210 million project by mid-2014.

MAXX Metals is extremely proud to be a part of this amazing renaissance. We are not only thrilled about all the extra business, but also the strengthening of our community’s health care infrastructure.  The San Carlos project is actually just a down the block from us, so it holds a special place in our hearts.  As we’ve made clear before, we live in and around the Bay Area, so we benefit greatly from having such innovative and world-class medical facilities in our back yards.

Keep checking back, because we have a feeling this building boom might just keep rolling on.

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