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Rapid Transit and Steel

September 5, 2012

Did you know that in the 1st quarter of 2012, nearly 2.7 billion rides were taken on U.S. public transit? And, our very own Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) is actually the 5th largest American transit authority in terms of ridership and is still experiencing growth in the number of rides on its bus and rail lines throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. In part to keep up with record ridership, BART has been undergoing expansions and improvements with projects such as new routes, retrofits, station improvements, and modern rail cars.

The new structures especially call for loads of mechanical, construction, electrical and plumbing labor, and… steel! Since the beginning of BART back in the 1960s, when dozens of steel and concrete sections were constructed, steel has been an integral supply in the expansion of the transit system.

Here are a couple of additions you can expect to see, if you haven’t noticed their groundwork already:

  • A New Connectorreportedly on time and budget and opening in 2014

Taking riders between Oakland Airport and BART, this 3.2-mile route called for new structure and columns, among other things. The route is expected to provide easy access from the airport to San Francisco and in doing so, boost travel into Oakland. You can see photos of the infrastructure and steel trestles here.

  • A New Station93% complete and expected in late 2015

The subway sections have been completed for the extension to Warm Springs/South Fremont (WSX). Now work is being done in the park at Lake Elizabeth and on construction of the station.

  • A New SystemBerryessa Station to connect to San Jose and Santa Clara in 2018

A series of improvements that will improve various aspects of BART and specifically allow for public transit farther south into Silicon Valley.

At MAXX Metals, given our love for innovation, we’re excited to see and to have been a part of increasing and improving access in the Bay Area.

America’s Cup Means More Construction

August 27, 2012

Looking for something to do this month now that there are no longer Olympics to be watching? You could join the hundreds of thousands of spectators gathering around the piers in San Francisco for the America’s Cup World Series events.

This means exciting things for the Bay Area. San Francisco gets to welcome the Cup – the oldest international sporting trophy – back to the U.S. for the first time since 1995. It also means loads of preparation and construction. Naturally, the city is well-suited to the race given its wind and weather patterns, which aid in planning televised segments, and make for a challenging course. The geography and panoramic (and free!) views along the Bay make the location as perfect for watching as it is for competing. Still, there is a lot of work to be done to prepare for the events.

By Summer 2013, completed projects like the America’s Cup Village, grandstands, and even the new Pier 27 Cruise Ship Terminal that just received its final steel beam – just to name a few – will have commanded local materials, employees and services. Here at MAXX Metals, we’re looking forward to a busy year.

The Bay Area Construction Boom Continues

June 27, 2012

Of late, things have been super busy for everyone at Maxx Metals. We recently purchased a new delivery truck and hired more staff to keep up with the increase in orders and jobs. Our inventory is constantly being replenished just to stay ahead of what has become a flood of new building projects. In the Bay Area, construction is still all about hospitals and the 49ers new stadium in Santa Clara. Speaking of which here are some updates on the new and current projects that Maxx Metals has been supplying.

Sequoia Hospital

  • Based a few miles down the road in Redwood City, Sequoia Hospital is embarking on an ambitious new building project.  They are remodeling and modernizing the entire existing hospital, including the Emergency Department and Birth Center. They are also building a new four-story pavilion that will add 148,000 sq ft to what is already one of the Bay Area’s state-of-the-art medical facilities. As with all the other hospital projects Max Metals has been working on, Sequoia will be bringing their entire campus up to seismic requirements of California SB 1953. To learn more about this project and Sequoia Hospital itself you can visit their website, or check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

49ers Stadium Update

  • The 49ers have finally broken ground on the new $1.2 billion Santa Clara stadium.  Co-chairs Dr. John and Denise DeBartolo York, along with Santa Clara city officials joined together on April 19th to celebrate the start of construction.  Everyone at Maxx Metals is excited about this project not only because we are supplying a wide assortment of steel products for its construction, but also because we are 49ers fans and can’t wait to catch a game in what looks to be the best stadium in the NFL! You can see highlights of the ceremony on the 49ers website.

We are getting new orders every day and we can’t wait to tell you all about all about them, so keep checking back!

The Difficulties of Building In the Bay Area

June 20, 2012

Building in the Bay Area isn’t easy. Our customers face challenges that most others across the world do not. To begin with, California and San Francisco each have five major codes you need meet (building, electrical, energy, plumbing, mechanical). Within each of these, many other smaller but equally important rules and regulations exist that must be followed to keep projects up to code. The state of California alone has four subsections for the rules governing patio covers. It is a lot of paper work, filling fees, and constant inspections to deal with.

Of course, no one thinks of California and the Bay Area without thinking of earthquakes. We’ve had some very powerful and deadly ones over the years, and being a part of this community involves being prepared for the next big one. So, on top of hundreds of complex building rules to follow, most of our customers also have to add an entire layer of seismic codes to their list of things to do. All of this is especially true when it comes to our area hospitals. If you’ve been following the blog, you might have noticed that a lot of our steel has been going to the building and renovating of hospitals. This is because of 1996’s California Senate Bill (SB) 1953 and before that the Alquist Act (1973). Both of these pieces of legislation were passed to ensure that acute care hospitals remain functional after a major earthquake. And it just so happens that all of this work needs to be completed or started by 2013, or that facility will be shut down.

With all this in mind, everyone at Maxx Metals has been working overtime to make sure our customers have all the galvanized, stainless, cold rolled, carbon, and aluminum steel they need to get their projects done before the deadline passes.

What People Are Saying About Maxx Metals!

June 14, 2012

It’s pretty easy to toot your own horn. We could write blog after blog about how proud we are of our amazing steel and our outstanding staff. However, in the end our opinion of Maxx Metals comes in second to what our customers think. At Maxx Metals, we never take our customers for granted. Just because someone spends money with us doesn’t mean we’ve done our job. For us customer satisfaction is our #1 goal.  We not only want clients to stay for years, but we want them to enjoy the experience so much that they tell their friends and customers. With that in mind, here are just a few things that some of our favorite clients are saying about Maxx Metals.

… Maxx Metals opened their doors just when we needed it the most, a lot was changing…steel suppliers were changing hands, prices were going up, (and) we were worried about our next steel purchases. Maxx opened up and we’ve been loyal to them ever since. Period. Andy runs his business quite like my brother and I run ours. We look at the quantity of customers, not the margin of profit, it’s quite simple. No job is too small, a customer’s needs is never too small. I say this in absolute confidence.

When you own your own company, you need to provide the utmost in quality & service, That’s what you get at Maxx Metals. Andy, if you didn’t start Maxx Metals when you did, we may have not been in business as long as we have. Thanks Andy!

Ed Shuba, Owner, Custom Metal Mfg. Co.

In the many years of doing business with Maxx Metals, I know that when I need a quote or delivery; Maxx Metals will do what it takes to make it happen. They supply quality merchandise at the best cost. The staff is friendly and they all help to expedite your order.

Greg Dotson, Owner, D-Vision Custom Metal Works

I am writing this letter as a testimonial for Andy and his staff at Maxx Metals. I have been buying all my metal from Maxx Metals since they opened for business. The service we receive from all of the staff at Maxx Metals is impeccable. If there is ever a problem with our order, which rarely happens, they are quick to resolve the issue. I would recommend Maxx Metals for all of your metal needs over any other supplier in the Bay Area.

Kurt Smith, President, Handcrafted Metals Inc.

Maxx Metals has been a great help to us ever since they opened. The service we receive is excellent. Everything we order is either in stock, or it takes only a day to get. We are located on the same street, so we go there at least twice a day. We also use Maxx for services such as galvanizing, cutting, and shearing. It is great to be able to get this all from one source.

AJ Guaspari, Fable, Inc.

Bay Area Hospital Boom

April 16, 2012

Recently in our area, there has been a new surge in hospital construction, expansion, and retrofitting.  In San Francisco proper, there are five major hospital projects under way or in the planning stages. This total does not even count the numerous projects outside the city itself.  It is important to point out that a good deal of this construction is not just a response to the urgent need for more hospital beds in the Bay Area.  It turns out that due to state mandated seismic safety regulations, most of California’s health care facilities have until 2015 or 2020 to retrofit their buildings in order to meet the new stricter safety standards. With this in mind, here are a few examples of the time-sensitive push to upgrade Northern California’s aging hospital infrastructure.

  • San Francisco General Hospital

San Francisco General has been active in our area since 1854, and it now serves 1,500 patients a day. The new 453,000 square foot, 284-bed building is going up in the heart of San Francisco’s Potero Hill neighborhood and meets all seismic requirements

  • UCSF Hospital Mission Bay

This University of California cancer-centric hospital will feature 289 beds and will cost $1.6 billion when completed in 2014. In the future, the university hopes to add offices for medical school faculty and more beds.

  • Fontana Medical Center

This new 314-bed, 557,000 square foot medical center, which will offer medial specialty services like cardiac surgery and a neonatal intensive care unit, is 95% complete and is expected to open sometime in 2013.

  • Oakland Medical Center

This state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly facility is being built to completely replace the existing hospital.  The project includes a 12 floor, 349-bed hospital, a 4-floor specialty medical office building, and a 1,219 stall parking garage. It is scheduled for completion in 2014.

  • Children’s Hospital & Research Oakland

After a few stops and starts, officials are in the planning stages of $425 million combination rebuild and retrofit.

At Maxx Metals, we are proud to be right in middle of this construction push, providing many of these projects with a wide variety of our high-quality steel products. For us it’s a win-win proposition. Not only has business been great even during some very tough times, but also we are thrilled that the health care facilities that serve our families and our community are being prepared for any future difficulties.

The House that Maxx Metals Helped Build

March 16, 2012

After a few slow years in Bay Area construction, optimism in the business community is giving rise to a new building boom. One example of this resurgence is the 49ers’ new football stadium in Santa Clara.  The San Francisco 49ers currently play in the extremely outdated Candlestick Park which was built in 1950’s.  San Francisco 49ersIn 2006, the team first released plans for a new stadium in San Francisco proper, but when funding and support for the project fell through, they decided on Santa Clara, which is roughly 45 miles to the southeast and actually boarders on San Jose. The new multi-use stadium, which breaks ground this spring, will seat 68,000 and include over 109,000 square feet of meeting space. In a nod to the 21st century, the stadium is going to be environmentally friendly.  It is already registered with the US Green Building Council and it will include a green roof, photovoltaic panels, excellent public transit access, and water-conserving plumbing fixtures.  The HVAC systems will have no CFC’s and they hope to recycle or salvage 75% of the non-hazardous construction waste. When the stadium is completed in 2015, it will cover 1.85 million square feet and cost $1.02 billion.

Of course, you can’t build even the most green stadium without a whole lot of steel and metal. At Maxx Metals, our diverse inventory of hot dipped galvanized and carbon steel products, along with our stainless steel and aluminum items will make this new billion-dollar project possible. Many of the contractors involved in building the new stadium have already put in their orders with us and cannot wait to get started this spring.

When the 49ers take the field in the fall of 2014, it wouldn’t be too farfetched to say that they will be playing in the house that Maxx Metals helped build. If you want to learn more about this project, you can always visit the 49ers website.

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